Twinning Programme - Visit to Vijayapura Rural Works

The Jesuits have been working in Vijayapura with the marginalized and underprivileged section of society since 1980. They aim to transform this society with love, harmony and service devoting themselves to the teachings of the Almighty. They approach the society in a positive manner in order to bring about a meaningful impact and empowering change in the lives of the people who are in need.

The Jesuits encourage their collaborators to witness and support the cause on a regular basis. As a part of the twinning programme, a few members of the staff, of St Joseph’s Indian Institutions, Bengaluru, were given an opportunity to visit Vijayapura in October 2017, to be a part of the social cause taken up by the Jesuits.

The staff had an opportunity to experience the following services renderedby the Jesuits,

• Women and Child Rehabilitation Programme in various taluks of Vijayapura.
• Programme to raise awareness on the Right to Education.
• Health camps organized in the slums in collaboration with SJI Sisters.
• Availing Government facilities for the physically challenged in Sangama at Sindagi.
• Programme for the Recuperation and Rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS patients

Staff members returned with an enriching experience which they will cherish forever.