Seminar for Parents - “Creative Arts for Processing Emotions”

A seminar on ‘Power of Creative Arts to support Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing of Children & Family’ was organised on 11 July, exclusively for the parents. Dr Ramya Mohan, an eminent British doctor, psychiatrist, educator, musician and artist was the facilitator.

Mental health is of significance to everybody, Dr Ramya Mohan focused on setting straight the myths lurking around mental health and illness.

The interactive session shed light on the challenges and demands faced by parents / children in todays’ fast paced world & the role of creative arts to help find solutions to such challenges.

CAPE - Creative Arts for Processing Emotions, a self-guided therapeutic technique with an integration of Indian classical and western music was introduced to the parents aiming to build self-worth, foster resilience and aid emotional regulation.

The seminar concluded with the facilitator addressing queries of the parents.