Special Educator

A Special Educator is a qualified professional, who is equipped with ample knowledge and experience to screen and assist students with behavioural, emotional and learning difficulties.

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) teacher works on the Individual Education Programme (IEP) of every child, making use of the special facilities and equipment available in the resource room of the school.

• The Individualized Education Programme (IEP) is designed to develop individual goals for students and is modified to the student's abilities and needs.
• Enhance the student's attention and interest which in-turn will reinforce their reading and spelling.
• Teach small groups of pupils in the Special Educator.
• Enhance skills, such as visual, working memory, Inferential thinking, problem solving, logical reasoning, motor skills, critical thinking skills.
• Collaborate with the classroom teacher to define appropriate activities for the pupils in relation to the curriculum.
• Multi-Sensory approach to studying.