Principal's Message

Dear Parents,
This year marks a very significant milestone in our journey as an institution- we are sending our first batch of Class10 students up for the CBSE board examination in 2020. We give gratitude to those who set us on this path and to those who have guided and helped us along the way. To the students appearing for the exam, we offer our support and prayers for a successful outcome.

Along with high quality academic learning, we need to foster humane qualities in our children. That is our purpose as a Jesuit school, with over 500 years of educational philosophy upholding us. Offering value based education prepares a student for the real world where greed and temptation threaten our moral compass.

There are many global and domestic factors constantly disrupting the peace in our universe. As responsible and educated citizens it falls upon us to rebuild our common home built on love, peace, joy and justice.

Our theme for the year is ‘peace and reconciliation’.The Jesuit general congregation speaks of a four-fold reconciliation: with God, oneself, with others and with the cosmos. Let useach do our bit to restore and transform relationships that have been harmed by conflict. We share one earth and so let us also share a future based on truth, justice, mercy and peace.

On behalf of the school, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the former Principal, Fr Sunil Fernandes, former Vice Principal Rev Fr Vincent Pinto& the former Educational Consultant, Ms Sucheta Kalappa, for the dedicated service and the strong foundation they have laid.

Dear parents and students, I look forward to your cooperation in helping me carry out my duties as the Principal.

I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and learning about our multiple activities designed at all-round growth.

Rev Fr Rohan D'Almeida
Principal, St. Joseph's Indian Primary School