A workshop on ‘The Stepping Stones to Success’ was conducted on 27 July 2019 for the parents of the students from Pre Primary to Class 10 in the school auditorium.

Dr Debmita Dutta, MBBS, MD, Parenting & Wellness Consultant, was the resource person for the day. Dr Debmita stressed on, the important role parents play in the physical, mental and psychological development of the child. She mentioned that parents need to be more mindful while providing the basic necessities like food, water, sleep, safety, love and self esteem which contribute to success. She also mentioned that parents should not fill children with fear about hard work, discipline, persistence and practice but instead show them how they work hard and how they try to improve. She insisted that the main thing that parents need to actively do is to not bribe, threaten or compare their children to get a desired outcome from them. Children should be taught politeness, kindness and sharing from a very early age. She urged parents to focus on education and not literacy.

Parents were also made aware of the repercussions of blaming the teachers for students’ short comings.

Parents had a sense of enlightenment at the end of the session.

The workshop concluded with a question and answer session with the facilitator.