“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”

Holistic education blended with Value Education & concern for the needy is the crux of Jesuit Education. We at Joseph’s imbibe in the values of compassion, care and concern for the aged from a very young age.

SJS CBSE ensures that the students are provided with opportunities to give back to the society in their little ways through various outreach programmes.

The students of Class 8 were taken to an old age home - Little Sisters of the Poor, on 24 August to spend some quality time with the inmates as part of the outreach programme.

The students were touched as they could sense the mixed feelings & uncertainty on the faces of a few aging inmates. Having had an opportunity to spend time and interact with the inmates made the students realize that the best gift that one could give anyone is the gift of spending time with the people who have no one. The outreach programme made the students understand that all are not blessed to have a caring family and one should cherish all that God has blessed us with rather than nagging or complaining.

Josephites learnt that the happiest thing is not always getting more for themselves but giving more of oneself to others through this visit.