Jazz Music Concert

St Joseph's School auditorium on Vittal Mallya Road became a melting pot of two different cultures -- Indian and Swedish -- as Olimpias Orkan, a jazz music band from Sweden, performed live at the school. Students grooved to the soothing yet compelling saxophone music and vibrant drum beats, and joined the band in singing.

Titled Sweden Meets India, the programme was organised to create awareness on women empowerment and climate change by SCEAD Foundation, an organisation that works for the development of children. On its first TOUR IN India, the seven-member band was overwhelmed by the response from the students. “We are a Sweden-based band and only sing in our language. As the name suggests, the programme was an exploration of both cultures through music, which is beyond any language or boundaries,” said Olimpia Dynarek, composer and pianist of Olimpias Orkan.

The band played seven tracks, which also included songs like Till Systrar and Vi & Dom from their album, Sefir. With vivid melodies,energetic improvisation and a strong interaction on stage, the septet caught the ears and hearts of the listeners. “As artistes, we create music to express our voices and emotions on pressing issues in the society, be it gender inequality, identity crisis or environmental degradation. And playing for children is always fun and at the same time, crucial, as they are the future of our world and generation who are capable of bringing about change in our society,” added Dynarek, who also mentioned that various sectors including arts, culture and education are used to create awareness on several issues in Sweden.

Quoting the example of the young environmental activist Greta Thunberg, she said, “In Sweden, since childhood, we are sensitised about things like environment conservation and utilise the freedom of speech & expression to fight against it, like Greta Thunberg. In our own songs, we have covered topics like women empowerment and spread word on equality and individuality.”