Fun and Frolic Day (27 October, 2017)

Fun and Frolic activity is one of the most popular activities of Pre primary section. All the students of LKG & UKG have fun, entertainment and frolic the whole day.

The venue was customized and recreated aptly to the theme ‘Market’. Each corner was demarcated to create flower, vegetable and fruit stalls/ kiosks.

Apart from the activities like bubble blowing, graffiti with sidewalk chalks and photo corner designed in a shape of a chilly, the part of the event which stole the show was the tiny tots having first-hand experience of trading at stalls, where they got to purchase their favourite commodities with the imitation currencies from their self-made wallets. Teachers played the role of the merchants/shopkeepers who guided the little ones at the stalls. The kids were happy and enthusiastic to carry home their first independently purchased goods in their environment friendly handmade paper bags.

It was an incredible event with a lot of action and excitement which truly lived up to the theme -Market.