FUN & FROLIC DAY- ‘Market’

The Pre-primary team organised the fourth ‘Fun & Frolic Day’ for the Academic year 2019-20 on 20 September, based on the theme ‘MARKET’.

The activity was conducted in the school quadrangle. The venue was decorated with colourful charts related to the concept, a supermarket was recreated which enabled the students to transact & buying goods, using the currencies given to them by their teachers. The colour code for the day was purple.

It was an experiential learning experience for students through various tangible activities such as
- Supermarket
- Vegetable printing &Cotton pasting
- Feed the Fish
- Feel & Tell Bag-Recognition of vegetables
- Puzzles
- Photo corner

The students enjoyed the peppy music as they learnt the concept of buying & selling. The students were excited to return home wearing a pineapple mask which was the take away.