Fun and Frolic Day (21 July, 2017)

Fun and frolic day is conducted regularly to help the tiny tots of Pre Primary to learn specific concepts in a fun way by doing a variety of activities.

“Colours and Shapes” was the theme of Fun and Frolic day conducted on 21-07-2017. For better understanding of the colour concept, students came dressed in outfits of specific colours allocated to each of the Pre Primary classes.

The venue was well-decorated with charts of various shapes and objects bearing the pertinent shapes and colours to help the little students identify various shapes and colours.

Activity corners were well demarcated and manned by teachers for various activities such as,

Painting on fixed / mounted chart papers
Identification of shapes and colours
Identify the shape of the object given in a sheet and paste it below the appropriate shape
Dough activity - Make shapes using the relevant mould or stencil
Chalk activity - Draw different shapes using colourful sidewalk chalks
Takeaway activity - To assemble and affix a circle over a triangle on an ice cream stick to make an "ice cream cone".

The vibrant energy was evident all through the event. The successful and enjoyable event came to an end with little ones taking home an ice - cream cone craft done by themselves.