Fun & Frolic - Nutritious Food

The Tiny tots of Pre-primary had the 6th Fun and Frolic day of the Academic year 2017-18, on 23rd January 2018, based on the theme "NUTRITIOUS FOOD ".

The school quadrangle was filled with charts and pictures of healthy food like Dairy products, fruits, vegetables and breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

It was all about having fun for our tiny tots as their day was filled with myriad activities like,
* Identification of Healthy and Junk food.
* Dough activity to improve the fine motor skills (making chapattis)
* Stringing colourful pastas to make accessories like bracelet and necklace.
* Creative drawing using the side walk chalks.
* Photo corner, where students got to pose as a Brinjal.
* Take away activity was "Corn" made with colour kg cardboards and crushed crape paper balls stuck on ice-cream sticks.

  The joy of event was enhanced by the presence and encouragement of our beloved Rector Rev. Fr. Leo Pereira, Principal Rev. Fr Sunil Fernandes, Vice Principal Rev. Fr Vincent Pinto and Teachers.

Children had a wonderful learning and fun time by engaging themselves in all the activities with enthusiasm alongside gaining immense knowledge about Nutritious food.