Creative Splash - Annual Art Exhibition

At St. Joseph’s Indian Primary School we believe in the encouragement of art to facilitate the holistic development of the child. Art has a special role to play in the improvement of fine motor skills, encourages children to enhance their problem solving abilities and gain confidence besides improving visual and perceptual skills. The school has organized an art exhibition – ‘Creative Splash’ on January 7, 2017 displaying the creativity of every single student. The Chief Guest for the exhibition is eminent artist JMS Mani.

One of the most original artists of our time JMS Mani was born in 1949 in Bangalore. He studies at Ken School of Art and trained under Karnataka’s eminent artist Late Prof. Hadpad. He has also served as a Principal at the Ken School of Art for 20 years. He was a visiting professor at the visual art department – Bangalore University and an ex-member of the Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi. He has held a number of solo and group shows nationally and internationally. He is known and easily recognised for his sense of colour and strong, fluid strokes portraying the Badami people, landscapes in water colours, and charcoal drawings. J.M.S Mani’s oeuvre is synonymous with his paintings of Badami, a historic town on the Deccan Plateau in Karnataka. The simple, rustic folk of the Deccan Plateau in South India, with strong Dravidian (an ancient race in South India) features, are the subjects of J.M.S. Mani's paintings. His art is an amalgamation of Indian culture with Occidental Western formalism. Mr. Mani creates a cozy, traditional world that is both down-to-earth and mythic; intimate as well as timeless His figures are modeled in three-dimensional form, with bold brushstrokes (Van Gogh’s impasto), similar in style to those of the impressionists. His works are in many private and public collections in India and abroad.