Child and Nutrition (Seminar for Parents)

A seminar on "Child & Nutrition" was conducted for the parents of students at the school auditorium on 24 November 2017.

The facilitator of the workshop was Dr Supraja Chandrashekar, a team member of one of the fastest growing Paediatric Intensive Care Units in Bangalore, at PEOPLE TREE Hospitals.

The workshop threw light on various topics:
    ● Junk food vs. Healthy food
    ● Healthy eating habits
    ● The damage caused by salt to the human body
    ● Balanced diet for children which includes,

        ✓ vegetables
        ✓ fruit
        ✓ grain foods - brown bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, rice, corn and so on
        ✓ low -fat dairy - milk, cheese, yoghurt and so on
        ✓ Protein - meat, fish, chicken, eggs, beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, tofu and so on.

The session allowed parents to clarify doubts and share their concerns. Parents were very appreciative of the session.