CCE Workshop

The CCE (Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation) Workshop was held on 4 November 2016 in the boardroom. The purpose was to refresh and update teachers with regard to the CCE.

The resource person was Ms. Yasmeen who is a teacher in a government school. This workshop was facilitated by the Principal Fr. Sunil Fernandes.

The resource person briefed us about the various programs on education framed by the Government i.e., NCF (National Curriculum Framework in 2005), RTE (Right to Education in 2009), CCE (Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation 2012).

In this session, information was given about how to evaluate the students in scholastic and co-scholastic areas. The concerns of teachers about the new system of evaluation and teaching methodology were addressed.

Ms Yasmeen explained that Formative Assessments should be based on activities conducted in classroom by the teacher to reduce stress among the students. She emphasized the importance of the study of languages. The parameters of grading and assessment were clarified.

It was suggested that teachers plan the projects and activities (not all the topics need projects). She elaborated on the Lesson Plan using the 5 E’s (Engage, Explore, Express, Elaborate, Evaluation). She ended the session by suggesting a few activities that could be conducted in class.