Annual Day

The 3rd Annual Day of St Joseph’s Indian Primary School was held on 28 November. The students of classes 1-7 showcased their creative abilities as they sang, danced and emoted to perfection.

Dr A Chitra Andrade was the chief guest; she spoke about parenting skills and allowing children to grow and develop on their own without constant interference from parents. The Principal presented the school Annual Report.

The central theme of the cultural programme was the 5 elements – sky, earth, air, water and fire. The students performed a mime about the elements, a shadow dance and highlighted the importance of keeping India clean and green.

The grand finale was a flash mob that had both parents and students participating.

A unique feature of the event was that there was almost 100% participation by the students.

The evening left all the parents impressed with the manner in which their child’s creative talents were honed and nurtured in school.