Parents Webiner

St Joseph's school cbse organized a webinar for parents on the 18 th and 25 th of July for the parents of the students from Pre Primary to Class 10. The topic of the webinar was "Education for your children in the pre and post corona scenario".

The resource person for the webinar was the in-house school counsellor Ms Sheela Balan. The webinar focused on how, among the most affected sectors is the education sector. The resource person threw light on how in a matter of weeks, coronavirus has changed how students are educated around the world and the different measures that the school has adopted in order to avoid the gap of imparting knowledge to the students. She also addressed the various challenges faced by the institution, teachers, students and parents cause of the shift from chalk-talk method to e-learning. The main focus of the webinar apart from education was the various coping mechanism to deal with during this pandemic. The webinar concluded with a question and answer session with the facilitator.