Seminar on Ecology

Seminar on "Eco Sensitization among the students" The Karnataka Jesuit Province Commission for Ecology conducted a daylong seminar for teachers on “Eco Sensitization” on 11 February 2017. The aim of this seminar was to help teachers sensitize students on waste management and segregation as well as teach them methods in bio composting and vertical gardening. Dr Rajesh S a founding member of Garden City Farmers gave a talk on fostering eco sensitivity among students in educational institutions. He urged teachers to educate children on the advantages of organic farming in terraces, methods of making seeds and developing bio composting in schools and at home. This was followed by a talk by Mr Amarindu Singh, CEO of Daily Dump, an NGO. It was an informative session where teachers were told how kitchen and garden waste can be converted into rich compost for homes and schools. The process of composting was demonstrated using KAMBHA/MOTA LOTA. Teachers visited the waste recycling facilities at Christ University, Bengaluru and viewed handmade paper that was recycled and converted into products such as files, folders, carry bags etc. They visited the bio mass composting unit, bio-gas plant where energy was generated from food waste and the sewage management plant. Ms Jennifer Chetty, Ms Margaret Rita and Ms Sumathi from our school were a part of relevant and enlightening seminar.