Cyber Safety Awareness October 2020

Class: 5 & 6 Date: 01.11.2020
Event: Poster making competition
Teacher In charge:Mrs Latha.R

The month of October is globally marked as National Cyber Safety Awareness Month (NCSAM) with the view to educate the public and private sector. At the outset few competitions were organized for students from class 5 to 10. Poster making competition an offline event was organized for class 5 & 6 on Saturday 24 th October 2020 between 3pm to 3:10pm. Instructions were given to students two days prior to participate in the event. Students were instructed to upload the pic of the poster once after completion. Two emails Id’s were created for students to upload that is NCSAMPOSTERC5@GMAIL.COMand NCSAMPOSTERC6@GMAIL.COMfor class 5 and 6 respectively. Two students each from both class 5 and 6 uploaded the pic of the poster.Ms.Leema Janet was assigned to judge the event.